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Who Are We?

CLC Marketing is a unique integration of marketing and advertising services formed to serve small to medium-sized businesses. Our goal is to enhance what you do best; Manufacture Quality Products or Services by doing what we do best: help you increase sales by applying our expertise to the areas of marketing that best promote your company.

How Can We Help You?

Our services cover all areas of marketing and merchandising from strategic planning, market research and package design to advertising, editorial creation, production, media selection and placement. Web site and trade show development are two additional strengths. We also offer a complete range of editorial and public relations services. In technical communications we develop data sheets and technical bulletins and write feature articles for trade journals. CLC Marketing does it all for you!

CLC specialties include:
  1. Graphic design and corporate identity programs
  2. Advertising concepts and placement
  3. Trade show displays
  4. Catalogs, product data sheets and technical bulletins
  5. Technical feature articles for trade journals
  6. Web Site development
How Do We Do It?

By combining the talents of the top professionals in marketing management, advertising sales, creative design, copy, editorial and technical writing; CLC Marketing literally becomes the marketing/sales and advertising arm of your company, as we can compliment your existing marketing department as needed. The solid experience of CLC's team helps you attain market success allowing you to focus your efforts on product development, manufacturing and distribution.

How Much and How Often?

Again, how you use our services is up to you. You may rely on us as often or as little as you like. You may use us for your full service marketing communication requirements or to handle a one-time promotional program. The choice is always yours. You will be invoiced only for the services rendered.

How De We Get Started?

We'd like to sit down with you to discuss your company's sales objectives. From this meeting, CLC Marketing will be happy to prepare a proposal that will clearly define your marketing objectives in terms of "SMART" marketing strategy -- a strategy where the success of your company will be a direct result of Marketing Accountability!

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CLC Marketing Associates, Inc.
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TEL: (617) 823-0860