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creative services
  We can create original attention grabbing graphic designs for all of your marketing requirements. As a multi-media agency, CLC Marketing Associates specializes in creating lead generating ads for trade and consumer publications, and all other forms of print media. Sales promotional videos, multi-media presentations, trade show promotion, exhibit design, public relations, editorial development, web design and web management services are also a major part of the sales promotional tools offered by CLC Marketing.

Working with your ideas or offering our expertise, our agency can handle every aspect of your marketing and advertising requirements, from initial planning to the scheduling and placement of your ads. You will find that utilizing CLC Marketing will allow you to devote more time to management of your own business.

On-Line Services

Creative Web Design
We Can Help You...
  • Create A Professional Look To Your Site
  • Design Each Page For Easy Navigation
  • Write Inspiring Web Copy
  • Create Outstanding Graphics For Each Page

Off-Line Services

We Can Help You...
  • Create A Diversified Advertising Program
  • Design Profitable Ad Campaigns
  • Layout and Format Your Ads
  • Write Copy
  • Handle Art Direction Needs
  • Direct Photographic Sessions
  • Illustrate Your Products
  • Scan, Create + Manipulate Digital Images
  • Produce Finished Ads and Oversee Placement

Public Relations
We Can Help You...
  • Write The News, Product or Press Release
  • Produce News Releases
  • Write and Produce Technical Articles
  • Write Application Stories

Trade Shows
We Can Help You...
  • Design Exhibit Display
  • Produce Visual Graphics
  • Write Display Copy

Direct Mail
We Can Help You...
  • Design A Direct Mail Program
  • Design Mailing Pieces
  • Layout and Format Promotional Mailer
  • Write Copy
  • Handle All Art Direction Requirements
  • Direct Photographic Sessions
  • Illustrate Your Products
  • Scan Any Artwork
  • Create and Manipulate Digital Images
  • Produce Your Finished Ads

Other Sales Tools
We Can Help You...
  • Produce Catalogs and Other Collateral Material
  • Prepare Literature and Data Sheets
  • Develop Audio/Visual Programs

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